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TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown sporting her new SnapitHD webcamera.

290714earnslaw image001


New Zealands amazing Southern Alps featuring Aoraki Mount Cook.



SnapITs latest ski field cam is live at the Porters ski field, Springfield, inland from Christchurch.



Snap IT feature in #gigatownNSN Future Technologies #gigabusiness


Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park, first snow of the season.

260514rotoiti 260514lakerotoiti


Glentanner: Low snow.



A great way to see the Southern Alpes.



Storm in Auckland. View live action.

Check out the Auckland live streaming camera below for real-time action.


Right royal botch-up

A right royal botch-up with the Wellington weather today, even the Wellington wind has failed to turn up. Not sure where the Royal flight will go now but Paraparaumu airport is looking clear.


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New streaming video and timelapse Auckland cameras

We have just finished a long awaited upgrade of the Auckland City live cameras.
Part of this upgrade has been adding live streaming features - these should go live across all our syndication partners shortly.

Auckland City - 90 degrees:

Auckland Harbour / Bridge in the distance - 130 degrees: - Waterfront Auckland Development.

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2014 New Zealander of the Year Awards finalist.

Snap Information Technologies CEO Chris Rodley has been nominated for the 2014 Innovator of the Year in the New Zealander of the Year Awards and has been selected amongst the top 5 semi-finalists.
The winners will be announced at the New Zealander of the Year Awards Gala dinner which is to be held in Auckland on 26th Feb 2014.


Christmas Greetings



First New Zealand Falcon release, html5 player release, live streaming camera release!!

Yesterday was an exciting day!!

History was made as Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust transferred three NZ falcon chicks to their new home at Rotorua Museum as part of the first ever urban release of an endangered species in New Zealand.
A SnapitHD, 130 degree camera has been installed in the nesting box so the chicks can be viewed live on the web as well as on a screen in the Museum as part of the 'On the Wing' exhibition.

History was also made with the launch of the new SnapitHD html5 player and live streaming video camera.
The html5 player will work on all modern browsers (Firefox latest, Chrome latest, Safari latest and IE latest), iPhone / iPad, Android browsers with html5 support.
Flash will still be served if html5 support is not available and a latest live jpeg will be displayed if flash is not available or is an older version.

This means we can serve live content to every user who views the camera, regardless of the age of their computer or operating system they are running.

On top of this SnapitHD cameras are now capable of live streaming video!
This is something we have been working on for a long time and there is no system *to our knowledge* that is capable of delivering live video from the same code base that is truly cross platform and works on all modern browsers and mobile devices.

The camera is able to stream live from an ADSL connection (even dial-up) and uses very little bandwidth.
If no one is watching then it won't stream from the host site and as soon as a user clicks to open the player then the live stream will begin transmitting. This means that bandwidth from the camera is minimized.
We have found that even though we are live streaming from a camera on our ADSL office connection the internet is still very usable for browsing and downloading - in a busy IT office.

You will also notice that we have added some social media buttons to the left hand side with Google+, Facebook and Twitter integration directly into the player. This will allows users to post easily onto their timelines without leaving the site to do so.

As always, we are keen on your feedback.
This is a beta, early adopter release - if you see any bugs or have any issues let me know by emailing

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Taupo Airport: Out with the old – in with the new #gigatownnsn

One of our new SnapitHD cameras with a 130 degree lens has replaced the previous SnapitHD model. Note the difference in the shots.




“Man lights fire” or “Mt Cook Erupts”

What a good media story this could make!



Sunrise, Wellington Heads.



Caught coming into land on a different flightpath than usual.



Leaf drop, Neudorf vineyard, Nelson



Up and Comer!

chrispromotionalChris Rodley - CEO and Founder of Snap Information Technologies was this month recognised as an Up & Comer in the top 50 people in the Nelson / Marlborough region by Wild Tomato Magazine.

Last month Chris was also nominated for New Zealander of the year 2014 in the innovation category by Labour MP for Nelson Maryan Street with references from the CEO of the Nelson Economic Development agency and Nelson Mayor.
"This recognises the hard work and sacrifice of the fantastic team at Snap Information Technologies" said Chris. "It is an exciting season for SnapIT with a number of large corporate contracts negotiated and cameras being installed on many projects that would have been beyond our wildest dreams when we started this company. Watch this space!"

The SnapitHD Camera is able to record and display ultra high quality 5 Mega-pixel 360° images with absolutely no blind spots or moving parts. SnapitHD online software allows users to be fully immersed in the content. A user can look left or right, up or down as if they are standing at the scene. With no moving parts on the camera multiple users are able to view the content at the same time all looking different directions.
Combined with wearable virtual reality technology the camera is completely immersive allowing users to look around as if they are actually where the camera is located.

The camera has a number of applications - a video at the top of taken from TV3 Tech Spot outlines some of these opportunities.
SnapitHD Cameras are used for Tourism promotion where they are getting 2 million online impressions in a big week. Integration with, Jasons Travel, Trademe Travel, AA Maps, Google Maps / Earth and many regional tourism sites as well as many other sites online. Images and video are also supplied to TV3 for the 3News Weather report.
The customers branding message is displayed on the image and this has been a very successful marketing tool for the businesses using the camera.

A recent project with Burger King is outlined in this blog post by a NZ based social media expert:

Cameras are also used for project management and are used by Fletchers Construction, Mainzeal, ASB, Telecom, Various Councils, David Reid Homes, BMW, Various Universities and many many more architects and construction companies. These cameras are used as timelapse and record of the build as well as health and safety and ensuring project deadlines are met as well as allowing project managers to monitor remote sites reducing site visits.

Also, the SnapIT security package allows users to view content on their smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world. SnapIT target corporate security, bank, airport and marine applications where traditional cameras can not be installed due to remote or harsh environments or the need to monitor sites from a single location around New Zealand.

The camera requires power and an internet connection to run and has built in cellular and WIFI connectivity. With power usage at less than 2 watts, a very small solar panel can be included to make the camera truly wireless.

Chris launched the prototype SnapitHD 360 Cam at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES).
The product was very well received by the tech community and Chris fielded enquiries from Nasa, Linkin Park and many other large international companies.

The SnapitHD camera is unique in the world and has been designed and is partially built and assembled in Nelson. Parts of the board that cannot be manufactured in NZ are manufactured in Taiwan.
Chris and Andrew both left their jobs taking significant risk to start the company after installing an American made camera in Hanmer Springs in 2004 and seeing the popularity of this camera online.
The reason they installed the camera was so that their father David could watch his holiday home during winter to monitor snow fall. The camera was made public and became popular with lines men, council, tourists and community groups for many different applications from checking weather to promoting the pools for tourists.
There were problems with this US camera product which Chris and Andrew thought they could have a crack at fixing. That was 10 years ago and they have now released their own product developed initially in the back spare bedroom and the garage.
Significant challenges have been overcome as everything has needed to be created and written from scratch, including things you take for granted like white balance and focus settings, circuit design and power management. A very large amount of learning and developing and shaping of this product has occurred over the past 10 years.

Commercial potential:
The global video surveillance market has experienced significant growth over the past few years on the back of rising concerns for security and safety across the globe. This has resulted in increased demand for technically advanced surveillance systems such as 360° ultra wide angle cameras creating huge growth opportunities. The market for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is projected to reach US$19 Billion by the end of 2013.

Analogue CCTV currently dominates the global surveillance market, however the scenario will begin to change in 2013. In the future, network IP technology will emerge as the leading surveillance technology.

Demand for project management solutions for construction is increasing, as the world comes out of financial upheaval we will see the return of large construction projects. Auckland City Council saved upwards of NZ$50,000 in travel and project management costs on a large remote bridge construction project by utilising a remote camera system. In 2008 the council used SnapIT cameras in their construction, roading and street management projects. SnapIT are working with 6 other councils in similar ways in NZ, and see real growth potential in other world markets for this service. The goal is to be included in building contracts and we are now included in some of Nelson City Council construction and building contracts, this is achieved by targeting architects who see value in maintaining constant visual contact with what is happening on site.
The area of construction monitoring is a niche that is relatively free from competition.

As a stand alone monitoring product the SnapitHD line of cameras are set to change the way that we see the world. The growth of the IP (Internet Protocol) camera market is 300% since 2007. This is a high growth industry and the ability of the SnapitHD 360 Cam to replace what would be up to 6 regular IP cameras provides a strong competitive advantage for the future.

Chris is looking to open up new niches in areas such as marine applications, security and monitoring as well as traditional markets such as banking and airport security where a unique approach can open up opportunities for entry.

All R&D undertaken to date has been completely funded by cash flow. Chris plans to continue this approach by building up working capital through business growth and borrowing if necessary.
Chris believes in the “Lean Startup” philosophy and feel his ability to find funds and resources in unusual, creative and innovative ways is reflected in success to date.


Interesting cloud formation over Rotorua International Airport.